About Sandy

Sandy Humby is an Energy Alchemist with over 30 years study and experience in the fields of Design, Metaphysics and Mind/Body Medicine.

Her journey is one of exploring our human dream to reveal how our personal stories and trauma, both inherited or experienced, impact on our lives… until we finally see that life’s destiny is to forgive, to Love ourselves ever more deeply and to share that Love as our true Essence, through our gifts and talents, to the world.

As a guide and way shower, Sandy shares the wisdom of the Ancient Ones through her work with the Rose Alchemy Roses and the creation of healing Mandalas of Love for these times of evolutionary change on the earth. Through classes, circles, retreats and personal sessions, stories are shared, the past released, and new ways of Heart coherence and Self Love are birthed and activated together with a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine voice within.

In her Space Alchemy Consultations, Sandy works with clients and their homes and business premises to clear imbalances and the residue stories of the past. To activate a high frequency heart centered energy field which opens up a new, clear and abundant future potential for life, love and prosperity as we walk together and vision a new way of being and expression on the Earth.

Sandy currently lives and works on the edge of Avalon in Somerset, UK, and is both a Mother and a multipul Nana. She loves being in nature, the changing seasons and the colours all inspire her love of photography and interiors. She is a natural intuitive and empath with an enduring passion and curiosity for the Sacred, Alchemical and Mystical in Life.

Sandys Qualifications & Experience

With my team of talented seamstresses we made hundreds of exquisite Silk and Antique French textile dresses from our bases in Hampshire Uk. Our dresses appeared in major magazines including Hello and Brides and Setting up Home, on catwalks in London, photo shoots in Venice, California and Uk, walking up aisles all over the Uk, in New York and Australia.

I trained for many years in this powerful healing modality that took me way beyond my original energy healing work with Reiki and Sekhem (93-98) I attended 2 retreats with Master Choa Kok Sui himself deepening my understanding of energy anatomy and Soul evolution. I am licensed to teach Pranic Healing Level 1 in the UK.

This intensive course helped me to transition from Dress design to Interior Design which I had always loved and had designed all of my retail premises. My work was featured in Surrey Life Magazine.

Part of my journey creating Sanctuary spaces for clients and understanding the psychology of Space and our connection to it.

This was a powerful 10 year journey exploring ever deeper aspects of the psychology of space and our connection to the true Heart of Home. During the journey Christian and I co created a unique language and way of reading the subtle energies of spaces through hundreds of consultations together in USA, Europe, Scandinavia and Uk. We also filmed 2 pilot programs for a tv series showcasing this work.

Part of my ongoing training with Pranic Healing this brought a new level of understanding of the power and influence energetically of the orientation and energy of spaces.

This for me is the foundation of Feng Shui and makes up one of key parts of any consultation. Power positions for desk, bed, sitting all affect wellbeing.

A deepening understanding of food energetics and that what we eat and the frequency of it can harm or heal. As I have had food sensitivies since a child this was a powerful years’ course.

Timing and flow in business. How to recognize when the energy is in right alignment for prosperity.

Deepening my understanding of Self and others and how patterns run through lifetimes and families.

My visionary work with Rose Alchemy was recognised by Source tv.

My Space Alchemy work was featured in one of the episodes on this tv show.

I have been invited to present my work on The Rose and the Path of Peace with the UN, New York in 2014 and 2015.

I have spoken on my work at the British Society of Dowsers Convention 2015 and also the American Society of Dowsers Convention 2016. I have been dowsing since 1996.

I am a member of the faculty of The Conscious Design Institute, New Jersey, USA specializing in Conscious wellbeing, Space Clearing and Energy Alchemy.

This brought all aspects of my journey together and the calling to find ever deeper peace within myself and acceptance of the challenges and forgiveness for some of the choices I have made. A real deepening and coming home. The Rose has woven her way right through my life… from my childhood memories and experiences. The Rose called me home to LOVE. First Edition published 2014… Second Edition published 2019

Developing new and powerful ways of reading, clearing and re aligning the energy of spaces. Uncovering and healing the story of our connection with where we live and work as part of our evolutionary journey to Self. Activating and reconnecting the Heart and Soul of the space with the Rose BaGua and Sound Alchemy to be a support to happiness and wellbeing in life and success in business and relationships.

Bringing all of my expertise together in a NEW Rose healing modality for Hearts, Homes and Land.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi