Rose Alchemy – for the Heart

Rose Alchemy is a high frequency, holistic, Personal and Spiritual Development programme, shared through 52 beautiful and powerful Rose energies each carrying Ancient wisdom and unique codes of light.

The Roses offer a reconnection to Pure Love and work as a vibrational salve for the Heart, they are here to help unlock, release and facilitate healing of residual stories and trauma from the past. They open us to a remembrance of The Way of The Rose, the path of Beauty, Truth and Love, of Divine Feminine Wisdom, Inner Peace, Soul Mastery and ultimate union with Self.

For many drawn to the Rose path there is an immediate felt familiarity as the work was lived and shared in the Temples of Atlantis and Egypt. The Brothers and Sisters of the Rose have carried this knowledge through the eons knowing that when the time was right the Rosa Mystica would be called forward again to open Hearts and bring balance, harmony and healing to the Sacred weave of Masculine / Feminine and uplift humanity. As above so below As within so without. It is time…

I am Sandy Humby and in 2010 I felt such a strong calling to visit The Alhambra in Granada, Spain. It was Rose time and I went with my favourite camera. As I moved from garden to garden I was sure I could hear the Roses calling me… ‘Photograph me’… ‘No over here’, ‘Don’t miss me’, ‘Or me!’ Once home and with my stash of gorgeous Rose images loaded onto the computer, I heard the whispered voice of the Roses again, this time prompting me to gather 11 of them together.

It was soon clear which Roses were ‘right’ and I sat and meditated with each one, waiting for them to guide me in writing down their whispered words… what resulted was the original Rose Healing Grid of 11 Roses which work energetically in the chakras/energy centres on the body. The grid became Rose 1 and that was the start of an ongoing dialogue which has developed over the past 9 years, finally bringing together 52 stunning Rose frequencies by way of my images, as an Oracle for transformation and healing. The Rose Oracle for the Heart was first published in 2014 and launched  at The United Nations in New York with a presentation on The Rose and The path of Peace.

I am no stranger to Vibrational Medicine. A natural sensitive and empath, I started my journey in 1993 training in Usui Reiki and studying Meditation and Eastern philosophies. This then led onto various energy healing modalities and coaching/counselling courses, and in 2000 to meeting Master Choa Kok Sui and training as a Pranic Healer. From there my journey took me on to explore Feng Shui and Geomancy and to understand the Soul evolutionary path and energetic connection between our outer ‘Temple’ home space and our inner story and its affect on wellbeing. The Rose Alchemy programme has been developed through a rich weave of healing and life skills, practical experience and my passion for study and the Esoteric and Sacred in life.

The Rose Alchemy Oracle can be used simply for guidance and support, by selecting a Rose card which you are drawn to and popping it by your computer, or bed, or even carrying it with you in your bag… just allowing the energy of the Rose to work with you at a subtle level. The 130 page book with the set gives you a reference to the message of each Rose as it was given to me. I offer introduction days for you to learn more about the Roses and the card set and also a full training programme in person and online for those drawn to incorporate the Rose energies into their existing therapeutic work.

Rose Mandala

Alongside this programme I offer personal mentoring and guidance sessions and day and week Retreats called the The Way of The Rose. More Esoteric in their foundation and content, The Way of The Rose Retreats are designed to offer you time out to explore the mystical pathway of the Heart… to being able to live authentically and with integrity to your heartfelt truth, having the tools and inner support and to move to LOVE whatever the challenge… to BE the Rose. I also offer Space Alchemy consultations to clear and align your home or workspace to be a true Sanctuary that supports you, your loved ones and your life journey.

In the shop you will also find Pure Silk Rose Power Mats which you can sit on or sleep with to support your energy and they are especially good for travel and the reduction of travel fatigue. There are also Rose Essences and Aura and Space clear Sprays to keep you and your space in high vibration, plus a selection of the beautiful Roses produced as very fine Silk Scarves. Just perfect for when you need a beautiful rosy hug or some extra energy support or protection…

When you are ready, the Rose she whispers to your Heart…