Space Alchemy – For Business

Do you feel drained or inspired after a day in your workspace?

The quality of the energy in a business premises can have a positive or negative effect on your wellbeing and that of your team. You spend a large part of your life in the workplace situation and if this not a healthy space this can then impact on your own health and happiness in all areas of your life. Your creativity and productivity at work can also be affected by a less than vibrant place, customer service can suffer and ultimately cost the financial health of the business.

In the current climate many Entrepreneurs and Business owners are beginning to seek a more holistic approach to running a business, to strive for a better work/life balance for themselves and their employees and partners and perhaps open to a more heart/people centred business model. From that viewpoint there is a greater desire for a working environment that supports that vision for the business, one that enhances happiness, wellbeing and positivity within the workplace.

“Healthy happy positive spaces create healthy happy positive people” – Sandy Humby

A high frequency energetically clear working environment opens up a more positive, creative and expansive thinking approach and therefore optimises potentials for business growth, encourages active participation and a sense of loyalty and belonging. Whether we have words for it or not at a subtle level we know when we feel comfortable and settled somewhere and I feel that there will be an increasing awareness of the need to be in a supportive environment for health and personal energy for life.

What affects the positive energy of the workplace?

There are a number of influencing factors to be considered.

Geopathic Stress – this can be from underground water or geological origins

Psychic Geopathic stress – sometimes called predecessor energy, this can be old, stale negative thought energy that can build up in stressed office spaces or even residual spirits!

High levels of toxic chemicals in furniture, carpets and finishes is proven to lower the immune system

Poor air quality – many spend all day under artificial light and air conditioning.

No nature Chi – Office environments can be devoid of anything that originated in the natural world. No plants, flowers or even a spectrum of colours to stimulate the senses.

Electro-magnetic frequencies – EMF’s from the technology required to run our contemporary business has an effect on energy.

I offer remote and onsite consultations for your business premises

Analysis of the causative factors that are affecting the environment.

Resolution with tools and techniques to clear and realign the spaces to optimize your business and wellbeing

Setting of an Energetic Template for your business vision to activate your cleared space to its highest potential for you.

Training for you or members of your team to manage the space ongoing

Inspiration in office seminars/education to support workplace Wellbeing

Planning and colours for optimum energy and focus.

If you feel your business would benefit from a Space Alchemy consultation I would be happy to discuss your unique situation and requirements and see how my work can support your business to thrive.