The Story

I was first called by Diana in 2014 to visit her beautiful farmhouse and barns in an East Devon village and help her explore the relationship between her house and the barns and why even with planning permission there was a sense of reluctance for the barn conversion to be activated. What we uncovered was a link and connection to local landowners and their story and a man in spirit who had hung himself in one of the barns who needed to be seen, heard and released…

This opened up a whole new dialogue between the buildings and greater clarity for Diana as to why she had been drawn to the property with her vision of a centre for healing and creative Arts. The development could then go ahead and over the past 5 years I have visited several more times to rebalance the buildings as the work has developed on site. I have also worked with Diana to read and release other land traumas in the land locally that have been ready to reveal their story and have been directly connected with the energy grids in the buildings and central courtyard.

Diana and I are currently exploring whether classes on the Space Alchemy work and the Roses would be a good fit for this beautiful space in 2019…


Feedback from Diana Wackerbarth

Feedback after 2014 Visit

“Hi Sandy – thanks so much for your visit yesterday – everything is zinging and glowing and feels palpably different. I have a much deeper feeling of myself and the house and barns truly belonging to each other, and a clearer sense of my purpose being bound up with transforming and re-invigorating this place. The barns are sitting up and begging for the work to begin, now! Thank you for bringing such clarity and for clearing out the clogginess. I know I have plenty to do…”

Feedback after 2018 Visit

I have worked with Sandy several times over the last few years, clearing the energies at my home and workplace. In 2010 I bought a historic farmstead, with decaying outbuildings that seemed an amazing opportunity to convert into art studios and accommodation, but something held me back from actually starting the work. It was only when I came to one of Sandy’s workshops that I realised how strange it was that no-one had ever done any improvements to the outbuildings, despite being in a commuter village close to a city. The penny dropped that I needed help sorting something out. Sandy’s first visit revealed and cleared several old and traumatic energies that were stuck in the buildings – after which the whole place seemed shine, and more or less sat up and begged to be brought back into use!

Since then, before and after the building conversion work, Sandy has visited several times to stabilise and balance the energies, and to support the transformative practices that take place here in the healing and creative arts. In one extraordinary session, attending to larger negative energies in my locality, we even seemed to avert a planning application for a very large development in my village …. but obviously other forces may have been at work, too…

Sandy approaches each task together in a fresh, new way, to suit the circumstances at the time, and she works very collaboratively, spontaneously and responsively. I really appreciate this, as it helps me to trust my own intuition and abilities, and to feel valued and empowered both personally and as the custodian of this place, sharing in its evolution. Sandy reveals how the energies in my personal life and in the buildings mirror each other, so that in each encounter I myself feel revitalised, as well as the place as a whole. Her work is an amazing catalyst for healing at every level, and I feel very supported by this in my own life and my work as an artist and in my local community. I would recommend her space-clearing work without hesitation.

Diana Wackerbath

Diana Wackerbath, Artist