The Story

Caroline and her husband had renovated a house and were ready to sell and move on. The house had been on the market for 18 months without a buyer. It had also provided a home for her brother during the renovation period.

I checked with Caroline that she was in fact really ready to move forward as often a house does not sell because one or other of the owners don’t in fact want to move on or there is some reason that they were drawn to the house which has not resolved itself. Caroline felt clear that she was ready to move but there were some old memories which needed clearing which showed up in the dowsing proceedure. Once the energy had cleared then advice for improving the attraction of the house to new buyers was suggested including hanging baskets on the front porch to add colour and chi.


Dear Sandy, I just wanted to say a big thankyou for yesterday, it was wonderful working with you and experiencing the depth of your wisdom with the house and re balancing the energies, it certainly felt amazing as you carried out the placing of the harmonizers and I noticed how much calmer the whole house feels rather than just some rooms.

Also your advice on the rest of the changes was great and affordable and I am sure now we will get a buyer for the house and be able to move on. We will definately have you over to the new house and advise us again.

With love, Caroline (Southampton)

(Caroline went on to sell her house within 2 weeks after it had been on the market 18 months without selling)