The Story

I met Pam at her beautiful whitewashed 17th Century cottage tucked in the back streets of a seaside town in Somerset. The cottage had been beautifully restored inside and out and Pam was getting concerned that it was not selling. Everyone who came to view loved the cottage but no one had even put an offer in.

As we walked around together I became increasingly aware of a story that the cottage had to reveal which was part of the reason that Pam had been drawn there. As we stepped into the second bedroom upstairs I was drawn to the far corner of the room and three spirit energies dating back to before the time of the cottage. Three members of the same family, a little girl of about 3 who ‘told me’ her name was Isabella and her mother and Grandmother. They had in fact lived closer to the harbour but when the plague hit the town they had move outside of the town and up the hill above the harbour to a shelter. They all perished of plague.

As I shared what I was experiencing with Pam so she in turn revealed more of her own story… The consultation and a follow up phone session revealed even more of the story, bringing deeper insights and personal healing for Pam and her Soul contract with the cottage…


Feedback from Pam Wood

Dear Sandy,

I knew on some level something was off as to the reason my beautiful, Grade 11 listed, 17th Century cottage wasn’t selling, didn’t know what precisely but did know that the reason was somehow on a deep-space, energetic wavelength and as I tuned in to my intuition, I went to find some ‘cosmic’ understanding and a grounded resolution.

Nothing could have prepared me for the energy, spirit and light connection that Sandy sensitively tuned into when she arrived and the revelations and similarity to my own ‘story’ of my earlier life that clearly needed healing and ‘letting go’, of which Sandy had no prior knowledge and I had not realised was a block within me which had so poignantly drawn me to buying the property 16 years earlier. According to Sandy, there is always a match, a draw between you and a property.

Sandy cleared the cottage of 3 female entities from one family – a 3 year-old little girl, her mother and her grandmother who were stuck energetically in one of the bedrooms having all died there from the plague that had wiped out large numbers of the population in the area at the time the cottage was first built. They wouldn’t leave each other and go to the light. I was just blown away when Sandy tuned in.

My own story involved myself at 3, my mum and my maternal Nanna, unresolved stuff from my childhood. So, in buying and doing restoration work on the cottage, I was unconsciously and unknowingly, symbiotically trying to cherish myself, my wounds and my story through lavishing love and attention on my new my home.

When I viewed the property, no one had lived in it for 30-odd years and it felt unloved, cold and very empty; I knew I could do miracles with it and make it very beautiful and loved. It was an instant reaction and I bought it within a few weeks. The parallels to my own history, I saw clearly through Sandy’s work were that I had abandoned my soul and focused on the external, losing the connection with my inner spirit, my inner world.

That understanding has meant the clearing of the cottage enabled me to do my own energetic clearing as time went on, layer after layer revealed and my healing was enlightening and in divine timing I’m sure.

I would only have been ready for that particular healing when I was ready to sell and I wasn’t allowing the cottage to be sold until I was ready to let go of my wounds. What a discovery!

At the time of writing, the cottage is nearing Completion and I am nearing freedom! Thank you Sandy.

Sandy has a beautiful, palpably expressive energetic herself that softly and strongly defines wisdom in safe and secure arms; the trust she evokes in and through her work, drew me towards her like a moth to a very bright and yet softly, burning flame. She loves deeply. This love is evident in her soft, energetic presence. She expresses that love in her soul, in every fibre of her being and you are touched by her vision and connection, by her communion with energy and her compassionate sensitivity transcends with the healing Light & energy. You are touched and moved for always and change is not only possible but effective immediately!

Pam Wood, Intuitive Transformational Coach