The Story

This busy practice in the heart of Vienna employs around 25 and is one of the busiest Orthodontic practices in Vienna. The work involved clearing and resetting the positive energies in the offices, treatment rooms and reception. Most clients who came to the practice had some fear as to having dental work done and this was palpable in the rooms and the reception. The clearing processes supported the health and vitality of both the Doctors and the dental technicians. It also increased the positivity and coherence of the team. I visited regularly about 3 times a year as part of their business management.

I was also involved in the energy management of personal apartments of DDr and Frau Jonke. Home space holds the key to our personal energy and therefore it can be beneficial alongside a business consultation for key members to have a Space Alchemy Home Consultation too.


We are a busy Orthodontic practice here in Vienna, Austria and we have had the pleasure of engaging Sandy Humby and her Space Alchemy service for 5 years as part of our ongoing programme of maintaining a good and positive approach to managing wellbeing for both our staff and visiting clients in our office and clinic in the centre of the city.

Sandy visited us regularly during this time as part of our protocol for ‘good energy’ support… with so many people coming in and out of our premises her dowsing work and clearing and rebalancing the energies here have been very beneficial in helping to create a calm, supportive oasis when our clients arrive… and a positive energy for us to work in to best serve them.

We have also engaged Sandy to help keep our personal apartments good and supportive places with bright and positive chi which has also helped us on a day to day basis. Her knowledge, clarity and integrity with her work has been very much appreciated.

Susanne and DDr Erwin Jonke. Vienna, Austria.