The Story

In the spring of 2017 I was asked by Yvonne Halling visit her B&B in Champagne to investigate why her beautiful property in an ideal location in central Champagne was not selling. Yvonne was focussing on building a new business base in the Uk and her husband was still at the house in France. It was clear from the outset that the house was resistant to sell for more reasons than the general market conditions.

One of the things I picked up as I engaged with the consultation was a Well on the property that felt significant. Yvonne said ‘yes there is, but how do you know that?… it is partially hidden under the office and part in the courtyard. We only found it in some restoration work’. As I tuned in further and discussed my sense with Yvonne, it became clear that the house was on the site of a Refugio, a place of refreshment on the path of the Camino, a Sacred Pilgrimage route through Champagne to Santiago de Compostella in Northern Spain. Yvonne it seems had taken on the role of the Guardian of the well when she had bought the property initially. This was just the first part of the storyline to emerge around the story of the house and the feminine…


Feedback from Yvonne Halling

Shout out for Sandra Marie Humby who came to my home in France last year to clear some energies, so we could move on. The house had seemed to have a hold on us (especially me) and kind of kept calling me back there.

She accompanied me to the house last August 2017, and did her magical stuff on it, clearing energies, stuck spirits and connecting with the lives of previous inhabitants (it’s an old house) and helping them to move on. Within 3 months, “out of the blue” came someone who wanted to rent it for 3 years! Their wish list for their new home perfectly matched our house. They moved in, in January 2018 and are very happy there.

All kinds of weird things happened along the way to this resolution, but suffice to say, that if you’re trying to sell your home, or you’re getting sick for no apparent reason, or you just want to leave, but something seems to be preventing you (this was me), then I can’t recommend Sandra Marie Humby and her work highly enough.

Get in touch with her today, you’ll be amazed at what she uncovers for you, that you would never know about, allowing you to move on.

Thank you Sandy xx

Yvonne Halling, Business Coach