The Story

I was contacted by Arlette and Rex Pengilly when they first bought their premises in Parkstone. It comprised of a 2 story office block and garages at the rear of the property. There was a residue of failure around the place and I knew that their vision for the building was for a successful health and wellbeing complex incorporating a large Yoga Studio and reception, treatment and counselling rooms. This old pattern of business failure needed to be cleared but also the energy of the garages which were destined to be treatment rooms.

In my initial consultation I cleared and realigned the rooms and also integrated the garage structure into the main building energetically so that it was a living breathing part of the original building not an add on. I was also involved in the selection of the finishes for the different areas. It was a delight to go back a year later to do a refresh on the energies and see what a flourishing business has been built.


“We were absolutely thrilled with the results of the energy alignment that Sandy carried out when we bought our building and established the Zen Zone (in Parkstone, Poole). The building had previously been used as serviced offices and the headquarters of a local Property Development Company, all of which created a stressful environment for the people working there.

Indeed one of the business that used the service space had failed and had to close down with all of the personal trauma that such things entail. Sandy came and identified the problem areas and cleared all the negative energy resting in the building. With this gone the whole character and personality of the building changed into a calm, tranquil and welcoming space. The recurring comment we hear as people
enter the Zen Zone is, “how calm and welcoming it is in here – so peaceful”.

Now with its new personality the building has become home to the successful and busy business that is the Zen Zone.

Rex and Arlette Pengilly, The Zen Zone, Holistic Centre and Yoga Studio, Parkstone. Poole. Dorset