Bringing the Wisdom of the Ancients to Contemporary Life


I am Sandy Humby, an experienced Energy Alchemist, Pranic Healer, House Whisperer and Dowser. Through the past 25 years of my study and consultation work I have developed an expertise in the reading and resolution of past trauma residue, often held as an invisible memory in our hearts, homes and the earth. I am also the creative channel for The Rose Alchemy:Rose Oracle for the Heart, The Rose Dragons Inner Alchemy and visionary founder of Mandalas of Love healing.

My own somewhat colourful life journey has been to find ways to heal my own story of trauma, love and loss. From those years of searching for the ‘gold’ in the rubble, I am able to illuminate a heart healing pathway to assist others through my work… I weave Ancient Wisdom teachings with my ability to create clear high frequency spaces to call home. Inner Temple💛Outer Temple. Helping you create a Soul aligned life you love, filled with good Health, Joy and Inner Peace.🌹

The Stories

“The only transformer and Alchemist that turns everything to Gold is Love”
– Anais Nin

“Dear Sandy, thank you so much for all the wonderful work that you did on our house…. it has made such a big difference. I also had a lovely day connecting with you! Speak soon, with Love”


“Hi Sandy, I am writing to thank you so much for sharing with me your knowledge, although we are thousands of miles away, your voice gave encouragement, and the outcome is a whammy, It is magic, I took guidance from you, and the energy changed in our house, thank you so much.”


“Dear Sandy, thank you so much for your wonderful visit last week. I think I could do with here for at least three days! You will be interested to hear that we have someone coming to have an informal look at the house tomorrow so watch this space! I put the Roses we chose on the prospectus for the house and will do the same this week before this man arrives tomorrow…”


“Thank you Sandy…All seems quiet and both the residents at the cottages have commented on the change of feel at the respective properties. The ‘’ House seems quite calm and work at S H proceeds with painters started yesterday. Very many thanks for everything.”


“Hello Sandy, soon after you left last Tuesday I found I was very tired, and this didn’t start to lift until Friday evening! Since Saturday morning I’ve had a little more energy, and with careful pacing, I’ve managed to retain it and be able to do a little more than usual. It’s early days yet, but I’m cautiously optimistic that I may now be heading in the right direction. Many thanks for your work last week. It was a very interesting day, as well as being very helpful.”


“Dear Sandy I wanted to thank you for the amazing house whispering session that you facilitated so beautifully for our home and for my family. After you left, I felt compelled to go into immediate action. Much of the downstairs sitting area has been arranged, and I can not tell you how much better that feels. It feels cosier and we are feeling a greater ease since it has been arranged. There is a lightness to the whole home and it does feel more cohesive. I am sure that more evidence of the effects of the transformational visit of yours will become clearer and emerge into our consciousness as time goes on. We all so enjoyed having you share this very special process and ritual with us., and are all the more rich and grounded as a result of it. With much gratitude to you.”


Hi Sandy, I got the house! Against 2 other offers and feel happy with the price I paid. Super excited and a bit daunted by so much to do before end of July.
I love the house and the prospect of making it mine and of planting a garden and of being quiet there for a few years while I heal. I think R approves too.
With love and thanks for all your support.


“My life was feeling stuck and this was mirrored in the energy of my home. The space clearing was transformational and truly got my life flowing again… Even my children (who did not know about the visit) noticed the difference in the energy of the house after she had performed her magic. I’ve since invited Sandy to share her Rose Oracle Wisdom at two of my mentoring events and her deeply intuitive insights have added a rich evolved feminine wisdom to the experience. Put simply, Sandy’s presence brings magic.”

Rachel Elnaugh, Entrepreneur and Business Speaker,

“Dear Sandy Many thanks for your expertise and sharing last Wednesday There was so much to take in, and reflect on. I’ve already started to bring some things I love into my home, 2 rugs so far and another turquoise one arriving next week.- they lift my spirit, and the cats love them of course. Both daughters contacted me that day, and the eldest came down on Sunday evening and Monday and helped clear some items of hers from the front bedroom. I found some gold voile  which will look great in the front bay window. There will be someone coming next week to look at boxing in the alcove in my bedroom and redoing my kitchen – very exciting…”


“Sandy, Just to let you know that we moved back into our bedroom for Easter and it looks and feels just fantastic. The ensuite is marvellous and all the colours really go well together. Also the family bathroom is finished and is great – we just need to decide whether to go for the mirrors. So, the purpose of the email is to say a very big thank you for your designs and help generally, We are really thrilled with the results, which are being much admired and a credit to you! You must come and take a look soon. Thanks again and see you soon. Kind regards”


“Dear Sandy,  thank you again for the session of yesterday. As promised, I just wanted to follow-up on how I and the apartment feel. The flat feels much better and I had a very good night of deep sleep with no feelings of fear at all. Also, a friend from the US visited me as a surprise yesterday evening and stayed overnight as he needed a place to stay…it felt great to spend the evening chatting with him in the flat. It seems like the good energy is already “attracting” more people to my flat. With regard to me, yesterday evening I felt much better and lighter…like if a weight was lifted from my body. It was good.”


“Dear Sandy Following your consultation the energy in the flat is great and my body continues to heal. The vision book I made in 2010 and still use to this day has a red rose on the cover!! Just made the connection today. Thank you for such an awesome process which was thoroughly enjoyable too.”


“I first met Sandy around five years ago and I can honestly say she has made an enormous difference to my life. I was struggling with where I was living in health and emotionally and had sick horses. Since having worked with Sandy over the years I am very happy healthy and with fit horses! The work we have done together has been very special done with such depth of thought, wisdom and empathy, it has changed my life. I can promise anyone who is lucky enough to have Sandy enter their lives will never look back.”


“Thank you so much for working on the house once more yesterday. This is my feedback (simply what I saw when sitting in a relaxed and quiet state): First I saw roses – big cabbagey pink ones, then I saw a square with each of us at one corner, then surrounded by a complex geometry of triangles which I presumed was some sort of grid. My viewpoint was like a camera zooming in on each figure in turn.”